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Dog friends watch out! In collaboration with Vanessa Tamkan, we are now supporting the animal protection association Hundegarten Serres in Greece. You too can take part in the charity campaign and help save street dogs with every purchase of a petschies product.

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The proceeds from all petschies products are donated proportionately. We hope you and your four-legged friends have fun snacking.

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The Serres Dog Garden would be pleased to receive your direct donation of an amount of your choice:

Dog garden Serres eV

DE38 3825 0110 0001 5996 38
Euskirchen District Savings Bank

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Animal protection charity campaign on all petschies items

As a family business with a big heart for dogs, our own family dogs Emma and Lotta and an existing product line for dogs, we would like to work for the well-being of our four-legged friends.

Together with model, influencer and dog protector Vanessa Tamkan, we are now supporting the Serres dog garden , an animal protection association in Greece that saves dog lives every day and places dogs in Germany. As a company, we are donating to the construction of a new dog home in Serres and would also like to use the proceeds from all petschies items sold to support the construction of the dog home.

With the combined efforts and donations of all hitschies Friends, our mission is to prevent animal suffering in Serres and to give all dogs a home that is just as nice as Emma, ​​Lotta and Vanessa's dogs Aika and Charly.

Feel free to support the campaign by purchasing petschies items, via a direct donation, directly through an adoption or simply by reposting our posts about the campaign on Instagram and TikTok.

Sweet greetings,

Philip, Vanessa & the entire hitschies team

Foto von Frauen mit Hunden


Find out more about the Serres dog garden

Dog adoption

Give one of the dogs a new, sweet home

The placement of Greek street dogs in Germany is organized directly by the Serres dog garden. You can find all information about this on the organization page.

Foto von Frauen mit Hund