In our colourful world, we always experience unique moments. That's why these moments get a place here where we can share them with you.

Sweets at the kiosk are true childhood memories. And as early as 1960, these children were given a treat at the kiosk with our sweets.

Then as now: Back in the 1970s, we trasported our candies from Cologne with a fleet of hitschler vans through whole Germany to our clients. Today, trucks do this for us, and one of them you can see on our last photo.

We hitschies have always been good at celebrating. That's why some invitations like this one to the ISM party in 1982 have been spread over time!

An exhibition stand full of sweets, that's a dream! At this fair in 1990, we showed our diverse products.
Spending time with the family, like Walter Hitschler here with Philip and Julia.
Summer parties in the football stadium? In 2015, for example, we did this together with the locations in Cologne, Michelstadt and Strasbourg.
A small hitschies truck for Philip, a big hitschies truck for you - since 2021, our truck has ensured that you can hold your favourite sweets in your hands.