DIY: Cute Christmas balls

Red, green, gold, maybe a little silver - these are the colors that many people associate with Christmas. But how about something completely different? Something colorful, cool and original? Then save some of your favorite sweets from us and use them as decoration!

Our motto is: Snack your thing. And that's exactly what we did when we prepared these Christmas decorations. There are no limits to creativity, so we made our Hitschies in different flavors, our strings as well as our Sour Dinoclaws and put them in small, transparent Christmas balls. The whole thing works just as well with our Dragon Tongues, Mallows, Sour Octopus Arms or the Ufos. It not only looks colorful, but also tastes good. And if you want to see the whole thing live, you can see them in December at our factory outlet in Hürth near Cologne.

What colorful, sweet, sour and creative ideas do you have? Feel free to send us a photo of them on Facebook or Instagram.