Generation Responsibility - When Property Obliges

"Generation Verantwortung - Wenn Eigentum verpflichtet" (Generation Responsibility - When Ownership Obliges) is the title of the book written and published by Philip Hitschler-Becker and many other entrepreneurs in cooperation with Herder-Verlag.

The book was realized and edited by Dr. Friederike Driftmann, majority shareholder of Peter Kölln GmbH & Co. KGaA, and Dr. Christian Bochmann. When Dr. Friederike Driftmann, a friend of Philip's, and Dr. Christian Bochmann asked Philip if he would like to help shape the book project "Generation Responsibility," he didn't have to think twice. Responsibility, generation and family business - that fits hitschler like a glove. And so Philip and two dozen other family entrepreneurs have written about their understanding of responsibility and how it relates to their own company.

In his article "Sweet responsibility", Philip describes not only the history and development of hitschler, but also the connection between him and his grandfather Walter Hitschler, and how the conversations they had together shaped his entry into the sweet world. What everyday working life in the hitschler family business is like for the fourth generation and what responsibility it means to join it, Philip tells from his point of view. But our CEO also writes about the topics Corona, New Work and of course about our sweet world..

If you would like to learn more about Philip and other exciting family businesses, you can get the book "Generation Verantwortung - Wenn Eigentum verpflichtet" (Generation Responsibility - When Ownership Obliges) from Herder-Verlag, in bookstores and on Amazon. And for the latest news and exciting behind-the-scenes insights, feel free to check out our Instagram-Channel vorbeischauen.