Fruity and sour gift - DIY tutorial

Are you still looking for a gift, either for Valentine's Day or just in between? How about a bouquet of fruity and sour roses made from dragon's tongues? These are quick and easy to make, so they also make a great last-minute gift. We'll show you how to do it now:

You need:

Here we go:

  1. Cut the spider legs into small pieces and push them onto the skewers. They serve as a holder.
  2. Form a small wave from the green dragon tongues. You also skewer this wave in the middle.
  3. Roll a flower out of different coloured (red, orange or purple) dragon tongues. Always place one layer a little lower than the previous one. You can fold the last tip to the side (see photo) to make the flower look more real.
  4. Carefully pull this flower onto the skewer. Pluck everything into shape and the flower is ready!
  5. When you have formed all the roses, you can put the skewers into your vase. For stabilisation, your favourite hitschies are perfect as "potting soil".
Now make a bow around the vase or cup and you can make a gift of the bouquet.

Of course you can make the roses from different colours and also form other flowers. Feel free to send us a picture of your creations by DM at Instagram orFacebook. Ganz viel Spaß beim Basteln!